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Hahnemühle Fine Art and Photo PaperHahnemühle Fine Art and Photo Paper

Hahnemühle is probably the world's leading inkjet paper manufacturer and we are proud of our long-lasting collaboration with Hahnemühle. Here the old German quality saying really applies.
Their paper media is highly suitable for photography and reproduction of art.

Our customers who print on Hahnemühle paper often experience that using Hahnemühle paper adds value to their artwork.
Hahnemühle Fine Art paper is acid-free and often with very low or completely absent OBA content.
If you print on Fine Art paper with, for example, Epson ink, while also properly storing or mounting your works, you can expect them to last 60-200 years.
Hahnemühle's product range consists of both Fine Art paper media and various types of photo paper.
Below is a complete overview of all paper types.
Just click on the product images for more information about surface, structure, and sizes.
On each product, we have made videos and images of the structure so that you can feel the paper yourself from the internet.  
You can also order printed sample swatches to feel and see the paper before ordering here.
Hahnemühle sample swatches

Hahnemühle paper

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